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Our company has been engaged in the remanufacture of turbochargers since 1995. Owing to the continuous development during the years past, we received distribution and service rights of the products manufactured by the Garrett turbocharger factory in 2004. With the machines proposed or accepted by Garrett, we perform the remanufacture and test bench control of the remanufactured turbochargers. Turbochargers are remanufactured using exclusively factory parts required by the original type, keeping exactly the factory technology and balancing the rotary parts with great accuracy.We received distribution right of Turbosmart products from 2010. Turbosmart was established in 1997 in Sydney, Australia and manufactures auxiliary elements for turbochargers serving for both competition and street purposes.Their products are available in 50 countries of the world, among them in Hungary as well: fuel pressure regulators, silicone hoses, turbo pressure regulators, bleeding valves, wastegates. These products represent world standard since they have been designed in accordance with the back indications of top American racing drivers, with the aspects of durability and reliability taken into account.With the GTX-R turbochargers, Magyar Turbo Ltd offers a new opportunity for motor builders. This also proves that technical evolution will never stop. Garrett has developed new generation of compressor wheels which cause 10% increase in pressure ratio and 10% increase in mass flow. You can find more information about this novelty at the Technical information. These products will already be available from October 2011.We tried to compile our web page in such a way that our future customers receive exact picture of our work, its quality and our trading activity. If you are interested in engineering, you can find interesting information about phases of remanufacture and operation of turbochargers.

János Gédra

Cheer with us for the Zengő Motorsport!

Zengő Motorsport was established by Zoltán Zengő in the middle of the 1990s and it became one of the leading motoring companies of Hungary by the beginning of the 2000s.

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Our tender!

Magyar Turbo Ltd has won assistance within the framework of the tender no. GOP-2.1.1-09/A-2009-2703 of the Economic Development Operative Program (GOP) invited for the purpose of technological development of small and medium enterprises.

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Turbo technology (basic):

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